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The hot weather has brought the flies out in droves, they cause havoc for all sorts of animals.  Horses and ponies really don’t like them and are much happier turned out in a fly mask. Fly spray on the horse and on your hat helps keep the flies away when riding and if you use a citronella based wash in the water when washing off after work it helps.  We stock fly masks, fly spray and citronella wash.


Small animals are susceptible to fly-strike which is a horrid problem so keep your pets clean and dry in the hot weather and wash off any loose droppings from their coat to prevent maggot infestations.  Used regularly Johnsons Fly Strike Protector Spray helps to protect your small pet against fly strike and it helps kill fleas and lice.

The hot weather is also heaven for fleas, we stock flea treatments for dogs, cats and small animals (Frontline, Bob Martin spot-on and Johnson’s 4-fleas tablets) and we have sprays and flea-bombs so that you can spray their beds and the edges of your carpets to keep these free from fleas and hatching eggs.

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Based in the attractive market town of Pershore in South Worcestershire we serve Evesham, Upton upon Severn, Broadway and Tewkesbury.  We offer a home delivery service.